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Kilogram Converter

Publisher :  Jared Ricks
Date added : 29-Jul-2006
Rating :
File size :  0 K
Language :  English
License :  Shareware - Time Limit
Price : $ 5.38
OS :  Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP/VISTA
UpdateDate :  04-Sep-2009
Requirements :  128MB RAM,10 MB of hard-disk space for program installion.
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Kilogram Converter Information

Why the world has to have so many different ways to measure we may never know.  But if you are one of those who really has to convert kilograms to pounds or pounds to kilograms, then Kilogram Converter is for you!

Kilogram Converter is a compact utility which allows you to convert from kilograms to pounds and vica versa. Kilogram Converter takes the confusion out of converting between kilograms and pounds by allowing the user to visually see the relationships between the two systems as they use a slider bar up and down. For those who wish to convert an exact weight, Kilogram Converter comes equiped with a mechanism to allow you to enter in the figures.

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Kilogram Converter Download

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